Veterinary School – VMCAS Round 2?

We are a mere two months away from the VMCAS 2018-2019 application cycle opening up! Some from 2017-2018 cycle have been rejected, accepted, or wait-listed at their school(s) of choice and are eagerly awaiting any further news within these upcoming months. Never the less, we are anticipating the best and the worst while waiting. Rather than staring at our portals/email all day, everyday we could be hankering down and figuring out how to ensure a win for next cycle. Even if you end up getting off the wait-list, or even hearing back from your dream school, at least you could say you were prepared for the “worst”.

Rather than waiting until May, getting a head start on buffing up your application for the upcoming cycle will ensure that you’re not scrambling to get stuff done and put together at the last minute! Take a look at your previous stats; see what could be improved upon, what were your weakest points? What could you boost? What do you feel you could elaborate more on (past experience descriptions, etc.)? Any make sure you take advantage of contacting the previously applied schools and discuss these factors with them as well; remember they are your friends in ensuring you grow to be the best applicant possible.

I’ve been wait-listed at my top school of choice, so I’ve spent the past few months reviewing my own application and improving where I can. I’ve found it difficult to do while finishing up prerequisites and working full-time.

The best thing I’ve found that I can do for myself is also spending the time relaxing and handling my workload to the best of my ability! I have a habit of overworking (especially with us being so understaffed currently) that I tend to create an imbalance between my work, school, and personal life (reflected in my lack of sleep). To maintain my sanity and ensure I don’t get burned out early, I make it a habit to take some time away from studying and focusing on myself. Do I feel guilty doing so? Definitely!! However, that shouldn’t be the case, and I will touch up more on self-care in an upcoming blog.

While preparing for the(/another?) application cycle, contact the schools of interest and request to speak with an advisor, they want you to succeed; it’s up to you to utilize all the resources available to you!


Until then,


Veterinary School – Interview Day

Let me begin by saying: WEAR COMFORTABLE AND SENSIBLE SHOES! We had quite a bit of walking and I felt for those that decided on wearing heels.

Interview day was a blur, I walked into the building, was given a name tag and info folder in regards to the program with a scheduled layout of the day’s activities. There was about 18 applicants sitting in the main area with a few student ambassadors who were happily answering questions. We were soon greeted by the dean who escorted us into a room for orientation and introductions, we went around the room and introduced ourselves to the rest of the applicants. This is where we got to know each other a little bit, but more of that was done while we sat together waiting for interviews.

For those who are used to being the top of their class and the aspects of undergrad. Expect a lot from the other applicants! We all got an interview for a reason, we were plucked from the pool of applicants for the school to get to know us a bit more. I was majorly impressed with the other applicants on interview day, some recently finished their masters/PhDs and are applying, some have years of veterinary experience, some had outstanding GPA/GRE scores; some have more than one of the above! Just realize you are going through the same thing right now and support one another!

We were separated into two groups; while group 1 began interviews, group 2 went on a tour to the most commonly used areas of the school (i.e. library, gym, etc.). After both groups were doing interviewing we got a large scale tour of the facilities.

The interview was with two faculty members and they asked questions regarding my ethics, case scenarios, teamwork capabilities, etc. They did not have access to my application other than my experiences and VMCAS questions. The interview lasted about half an hour with questions for me to ask at the end.

Prior to the grand tour we all went to the cafeteria for lunch, the dean, faculty and student ambassadors attended lunch with us; continued to answer any and all questions!

Overall, this was an amazing first interview experience; I’m excited for the others. I felt well prepared for my interview but still nervous! The admissions staff were very kind and answered questions in regards to waitlist and when we should expect to hear back in regards to acceptance, etc.

Until then,

The Day Before

I never expected to be writing so soon after my last blog, especially the day before my interview. However, I had so much get in the way of my preparations, even before it was noon!

I planned today to be finishing touches like beauty preparation, removing body piercings, deciding how to do my hair, and going over more interview questions with people.

I get ready to start my day by feeding my pets, however I didn’t wash their bowls from the night before; so that’s the very first thing I go to do.

Much to my surprise, my water wasn’t working.

I put in a maintenance request hoping to get that fixed very soon, you know so I can shower and smell good the day of my interview! Time rolls around and no one is here yet, I call the office several times only to get voicemail. By the time I reach them to send maintenance up, it’s time for my beautification appointment.

Maintenance comes to check out the water and videos I took, they explained the apartment had some valve replacement fixing stuff they had to do this morning and to let my water run for a few minutes. WHALA! It’s fixed! No more weird nonsense with my water. Time to get in my car right?


My car battery is 100% completely dead, no one in the complex has cables to jump it! Yes I know, I should probably start carrying some. I had to cancel my appointment while calling around and figuring out what to do!

I was lucky enough for AAA to come and fix my car (they installed a new battery and made sure everything was running smoothly)… who knew a car battery needed to be checked?

I was thankfully, and finally, able to get everything situated prior to my interview tomorrow morning; was grateful to have appointments with amazing people willing to squeeze me in that day!

Time to try and get some sleep before the big day!! Wish me luck!

Until then,

Veterinary School – Interview Preparation

A gradual constant nausea caused by the butterflies’ insane flapping in my stomach.

This basically sums up how I’m feeling now that I’m almost at my interview date, it was pushed up; is the reason behind my intense preparation. Needless to say, I’ll be drinking quite a bit of hot tea over the next few days.

I’ve consulted who knows how many previous applicants, current vet students, and recently graduated veterinarians; it still didn’t prepare me for the search for an appropriate interview attire. I was avised to wear a pant suit, preferably black, with nice and comfortable dress shoes (no heels due to the amount of walking that will be done throughout the day). If you’re short, I recommend going shopping the moment you get your interview invitation because it was definitely a journey to find something that fit!

Interview questions are available all throughout the internet, I primarily used and an amazing forum SDN ( In SDN you can browse in the pre-veterinary forum and see applicant advice from previous cycles along with their stats. It’s a very useful tool when preparing for vet school and the application process, there are current vet students, veterinarians and other pre-vet students; so, finding someone in the same shoes as you isn’t too hard!

A breakfast the day of will be the most important! I should make sure my brain has all it needs to think quickly with whatever hard balls they throw at me! I’ve read plenty of interview questions to know that there are a few hypothetical ethical ones that they tend to present along with the basic “Why do you want to be a vet?”, “How do you plan to handle the stress/finances of vet school?”, “Give an example of a time . . .” According to some applicants the behavioral questions did jumble their nerves a bit.

While thinking about answers while reading practice questions is one thing, it is a completely different thing to have someone perform a mock interview with you! Get a friend or family member to help you by asking you a few random questions and you answering as if in a vet school interview, at the end discuss your answers with the person and what you could improve on. Some schools may offer this with a professional, if so I would definitely encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity!

I was told at the end, if there is enough time, interviewers will ask if you have any questions for THEM. If so, it is better to have some prepared than to not have any at all.

These next few days I will be continuing my intense preparation alongside trying to maintain caught up on my organic chemistry homework (in other news I got an A on my first test!! Woot woot!!)

Until then,

Veterinary School – Interview Invitation

I woke up this morning, like any other morning. I took care of my pets, prepared myself for the day ahead of me; settled down to enjoy some Netflix before having to go into work.

I’ve had a habit of compulsively checking my email and portals several times a day for the past week.  It wasn’t until this morning that this compulsiveness paid off! I received my first invitation to interview at a vet school! Of course, the first thing I did (after spending a few minutes crying) was contact friends and family to share the amazing news.

I didn’t even receive an email for this particular invitation; had coincidentally checked my portal directly. Make sure you check both! Don’t rely heavily on one or the other as you may not get the notification where expected. It also gave me the option to choose an available scheduled spot based on my availability (which is majorly refreshing, I was expecting to be given a date & time). I chose the soonest available time, coincidentally I know someone who has an interview at that time as well; I’m sure it’ll lessen my anxiety to know someone else going through this process.

Now, before anyone freaks out about not receiving an invitation…. I was advised by several 1st year vet students that it can take anywhere from submission date until ~ March 1st before you are sent invitations, so if it doesn’t happen quickly that doesn’t mean you aren’t being considered! It just means there are quite a few applications they must filter through prior to sending out those invitations.

I did have to remind myself hold my horses and that this doesn’t guarantee I’m in. Another 1st year vet student advised that it’s okay to not be accepted the first time around, it’ll give me a chance to ask the interviewers their opinions regarding my application and time to strengthen it. However, an interview means they like you enough to be considering you; this gives them a chance to get to know you a little better!

Nonetheless, I’m ecstatic to have conquered the first hurdle! Even if I don’t get in this cycle, I’m still excited to be given the opportunity to see firsthand what this experience is like; maybe become better prepared for the next application cycle. I will admit I’m most excited to meet my potential dean, professors, and peers, along with touring the beautiful campus I may soon call ‘home’.

Speaking with a recent vet school graduate she informed me the interview length itself varies from 20 minutes to several hours, depending on the school itself. One of her interviews she could pick 3 rotations in which she shadowed the students and was able to ask them questions regarding the program, school, courses, etc. The school instructed me to expect several hours to be set aside for this process, so I’m assuming it’ll be more like the other interview she explained to me.

Over the next few weeks I’ll definitely share the ways I plan on preparing for my interview, what I plan on wearing, and any other general insights I have after the interview is completed! While these past few days I’ve been able to have exciting news and tips to share daily, I have a feeling my next few blogs may be more sporadic until after the interview!

Until then,