CVM1: Spring Quarter

I ended up posting the second quarter blog a bit later than I would’ve liked to, but unfortunately my life became very hectic around that time. My grandmother was hospitalized for what felt like forever, and had a partial nephrectomy due to clear cell renal carcinoma. Good news is we got it all out! Bad news was that there were complications that lead to intubation (twice) and the need to be put into a physical therapy rehab facility because of how long she’d been bed ridden. As a result, the quarter was more difficult than usual, but thankfully my faculty was amazing and super understanding.

I’m officially a week into my spring (third) quarter and honestly am much preferring it over last quarter. I’m unsure if that’s because of everything that was going on, or because I love the classes in comparison. If you missed last blog, these are my current classes: Clinical Anatomy, Physiology III (LAST QUARTER!), Anesthesia/Pain management, One Health II (Zoonosis & Emerging Diseases), Practice of Veterinary Medicine III (we have one of these every quarter), and Interprofessional Healthcare (LAST QUARTER!). Physiology III will be covering reproductive physiology, neural physiology, and gut physiology. Practice of Veterinary Medicine III is covering species such as: bovine, swine, etc. While Anesthesia/Pain management is what it sounds like: formulating an anesthetic plan for patients, setting catheters, performing CPR, etc. (honestly, so far this is my favorite class). Clinical anatomy is broken up into different species as well, currently we are on small animal clinical anatomy, which applies things we’ve learned the past two quarters in a clinical matter (what injuries can occur with certain bones, etc.)

There have been days so far where we are in class from 8am-5pm, one day we had 4 hours of clinical anatomy, 3 hours of anesthesiology, and 1 hour of physiology. There is another day coming up where we have 6 hours of clinical anatomy (WHAT?) Luckily, my faculty believes in giving us a 5-10 minute break every hour-2 hours. Otherwise, I don’t know how I would survive sitting down all day long. Also, another random update, I switched over to Apple products!! Using an ipad pro and my iphone is THE BEST THING that has EVER happened to me in vet school! It is SO much easier to take notes (vs the surface pro). I’ll make a separate update on why that is soon!

This is my final quarter of first-year and pretty soon it’ll be summer vacation! My summer vacation will consist of being a Banfield Student Extern for 40hrs/wk for 10wks, which I’m VERY excited for. It’s been so long since I’ve done tech work, and I’m itching to get back to it (while simultaneously working with doctors and practicing my doctor skills!) I am also going to be getting a new puppy next month (little Maisie), it’ll be my boyfriend’s first dog so he is super nervous to have and meet her, but he’s also very excited! We meet her next week, but we’ve already put a pre-adoption hold on her. Most peers adopt their first surgery puppy (done second year), but I would prefer to get the puppy training out of the way NOW prior to the craziness (from what I’ve heard) that is second year. So hopefully, I’ll have time to keep you guys updated on that little angel as well!

Unfortunately, I’m not far along enough in spring quarter to give you guys an idea as to what it’s like, but hopefully it continues on this upward trend. Yesterday we got to have a bovine handling and restraint lab where we learned how to halter the cows and tie knots! I got a honorary selfie with the cows, and eventually when we do our palpation lab…. I’ll get the honorary palpation picture as well! A professor told us if we don’t get that picture, did we even go to vet school?

Until then,

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