CVM1: Winter Quarter

It’s been a while! But, I’ve been a little caught up in the whirlwind that is vet school. It’s definitely been a lot, some of it expected and some of it not. The first quarter finished with little to no problems! I learned a lot, academically and socially, I began to learn what it means to have a balance in your life; start trying to reprogram myself that C’s are okay to receive. Especially, when the C is a trade-off for spending time with friends, family, and my beloved boyfriend. First quarter was a bit like dipping your toes in the water, getting a feel for the temperature; second quarter is when you’re pushed in. The upperclassmen say that the winter quarter is the worst every year, and I think its fulfilled that promise thus far. I will continue to say that vet school isn’t necessarily hard in the curriculum itself, it’s just a lot of it! My associate dean likes to describe it as being asked to drink from a fire hose. I’ve never heard anything more accurate in my life.

Second quarter has been filled with two tests a week, thankfully we had a two week Christmas vacation. But, we had two tests the week we get back . . . so is it really a vacation if you’re spending (or theoretically spending) a good chunk of it studying? That being said, the faculty is amazing and they’re really understanding about the fact that break is between the last lecture and the next exam, they keep class interesting and quite fun! Of course, it may be hard to think that in the middle of an 8AM lecture, however, re-watching my lecture videos while studying I definitely find myself thinking how they’re keeping me from falling asleep at my desk. I’ve also found that quizlet (and my classmates) are life savers when it comes to studying. Along with CSU’s anatomy program, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing it. It helps when I don’t want to go to/am not ready to study in lab, but need to study some muscles and nerves for the practical portion of a test. There are also options to quiz yourself on the structures in the program (my favorite feature).

We are a month away from ending second quarter, and it’s definitely been jam packed with information! This will be the last quarter of anatomy (we start clinical anatomy next quarter) and immunology. We will have a 1 week break between winter and spring quarter, much needed and definitely looking forward to it. Spring quarter will consist of Clinical Anatomy, Physiology III (LAST QUARTER!), Anesthesia/Pain management, One Health II (Zoonosis & Emerging Diseases), Practice of Veterinary Medicine III (we have one of these every quarter), and Interprofessional Healthcare (LAST QUARTER!).

Hopefully I will have more time to write next quarter,

Until then!

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