CVM: Failed Test

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to actually sit down and write about my new life! I’ve been trying to maintain a healthy balance between school, personal life, and my social life. Unfortunately the balance may not have been as well done as I had hoped and I did fail my first physiology exam of my first quarter. I did have a lot in my personal life going on at the time, none of which I will get into here, but after receiving my exam score I promptly met with my professor to discuss everything going on.

My professor was immensely helpful, we sat down and discussed my current study techniques and what I could improve on, we also talked about how to stay on top of my major courses without falling behind in another. I explained that I felt that in trying to stay on top of anatomy, I definitely fell behind in physiology; that lead to a domino affect for the majority of the quarter. I also reached out to the CVM associate dean to keep her updated on the situation with my personal life, to which she was very receptive of. The faculty in general were supportive of what’s been going on and understanding on how that has impacted my start of vet school. Similarly, they have been very supportive in that they offered even being a listening ear if I needed one. Knowing I had the support of my faculty was super helpful in itself, and allowed me the confidence in getting myself back on track.

My boyfriend was very supportive in my need to increase study time, I would unplug on the weekends until 8 or 9 in the evening; at that time he would come over to have a date night and ensure I also find the time to relax. It’s important to remind yourself that taking time for yourself is equally important as school, even if you’re disappointed that you didn’t do as well on something as you thought you did. It’s helpful to have someone there that can remind you of that, especially if you’re the type to push yourself. He was also very helpful in listening to me talk veterinary gibberish about my classes and tying concepts in together. He helped take care of my pets; was more than willing to have me sit in silence, or with earphones in while he watched T.V.

I branched out in different study techniques. I used quizlet to my heart’s content, I also bought a white board (that is now hanging in my bedroom) to draw out mechanisms, erase; do it all over again! I participated in a study group with some friends, we used the textbook to review case studies and concepts. During the study group we would quiz each other and just have an open discussion about how the concepts relate to clinical practice. We are fortunate to have an upperclassman as a tutor for the course; she also made quizlets for each powerpoint (based off of the main study topics presented in the beginning of the slides). She took a lot of time and care to create these for our use; I actually felt like I benefited from it! This is also coming from someone who didn’t use much of quizlet in undergrad.

I came back strong for my second test with a high B! I kept on that study techniques for the third (and final) test, ending the class with a passing grade! Throughout this blog, I won’t reveal my final grades in courses because if you’re reading this, you might be in vet school and the most important thing to keep in mind is grades don’t reflect how you’ll do in clinics or if you’ll be a good/bad vet!

Don’t compare yourself to me, other blogs, or your classmates! Instead, do your very best and strive to succeed for your patient’s benefits. I’ll be spending my Thanksgiving break enjoying not doing anything, spending time with my loved ones, and dreading/excitedly awaiting the start of next quarter!

Until then,

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