Veterinary School – Dress Code

Upon filling out my matriculation agreement forms, student handbook agreement, etc. I ran across an interesting bit of information: some of the schools require the students to maintain a certain decor in the form of dress codes – the veterinary school being one of them. The sentence continued to state that – for the veterinary program – the dress code consisted of business casual clothing. As briefly mentioned in my last update, I found myself thinking: oh great… time to remodel my entire wardrobe for school! And I was definitely dreading it.

Fast forward a month or two, I had already purchased a few new sets of outfits; mainly consisting of shirts, being short and petite makes it difficult to find appropriately fitting pants. I hate taking my clothes to get tailored so the more I can do to avoid it, I will! I used Pinterest as a form of inspiration when I was first getting used to the idea of having to build an adult wardrobe; quickly noted that almost all “business casual” attire pins had women in heels. I slammed the breaks on the heels, despite family member’s cries of protest, because I knew I wanted practical and sensible shoes; yes even for the didactic years. Especially considering the didactic years still start us off with physical exams from day one.

Flats, toms, and thick-heeled wedges/shoes became my best friends, Rothy’s and Clark’s were highly recommended by peers and previous interns. Those same people also recommended to invest more in slacks and capri pants vs. skirts and dresses – not only for the practicality, but the comfort as well. That being said, I’m a sucker for a cute, professional dress; so I may have a few more than necessary in my closet, but they’re great to have for a warm day – which is just about every day in Arizona! The shirt’s are of a light material; while the dress code isn’t too strictly enforced, it is best for professional attire later in our careers to just be prepared now!

I’ve opted to stick with slacks (I’m partial to Liz Claiborne Audra Straight Leg Petite Small Career since they ACTUALLY fit me as a pair of PS pants SHOULD) and Old Navy’s Pixie Pants (recommended to me by peers). For any blouses and simple dress shoes, I’ve been parading around Ross and/or Marshalls to find the discounted clothes from other stores!

Honestly, the hardest part of the dress code for me is having to go from wearing scrubs practically every day, to having to dress like an actual adult!


Until Next Time,

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