The Summer Before

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to sit and get to writing an update about my own application process. It’s official, I’m a part of the class of 2022! In a few short years, I’ll be a vet, assuming I can handle what vet school throws my way. I received a call offering me a seat off the alternate list for my top pick school, I obviously accepted while holding back some ugly – good – crying.

I had utilized SDN like most pre-vets (or even general pre-med students) and had been sure that due to my stats and (apparently unbelievable quantity) of my veterinary/animal hours, that I would not be getting in on my first cycle. Most of the reasons consisted of my obvious lack of a bachelor’s degree, my hours, lack of club involvement during undergrad, in progress courses (ochem 1 and 2, and biochem), age, and lack of research hours. It’s important to remember that while online resources such as SDN can be very helpful, the answers you receive aren’t the end all and there is still hope! Among the SDN stats you can also find those who had below average GPA, GRE scores, hours of experience, etc. who still were chosen among many others to attend vet school!

The summer before school has been filled with ensuring I have all the items checked off my list for matriculation; which includes updating all my vaccines, starting my pre-exposure rabies vaccines, and getting all my titers done for all my vaccines. The college I’ll be attending also has a dress code: business casual; so it seems my wardrobe will also be in need of an update to ensure I have enough clothes to not have to do laundry just about every week.

I’ve put in my notice at work and we’ve come to an agreement for my last day being August 18th, orientation is August 20th, and classes start August 27th. It’s happening so fast and it’s already June, next thing I know I’ll be hugging my coworkers on my last day. I’ve discussed coming back during vacations to continue my work as a tech, I couldn’t imagine spending 4 years and not continuing my tech skills or returning to my hospital. I’ve been lucky enough to have a shift with coworkers who support me and teach me every step of the way. We are all planning a housewarming party at my new apartment, which by the way is about 10 minutes from the school; needless to say that criteria was important so I can sleep in as much as possible! And of course be in class on time.

The most important thing to remember about the summer before is to enjoy it. Do not spend the time studying, instead spend the summer with friends, family, loved ones. Spending the summer studying will not be able to prepare you for what you have to come.


Until next time,

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