Veterinary School – Interview Day

Let me begin by saying: WEAR COMFORTABLE AND SENSIBLE SHOES! We had quite a bit of walking and I felt for those that decided on wearing heels.

Interview day was a blur, I walked into the building, was given a name tag and info folder in regards to the program with a scheduled layout of the day’s activities. There was about 18 applicants sitting in the main area with a few student ambassadors who were happily answering questions. We were soon greeted by the dean who escorted us into a room for orientation and introductions, we went around the room and introduced ourselves to the rest of the applicants. This is where we got to know each other a little bit, but more of that was done while we sat together waiting for interviews.

For those who are used to being the top of their class and the aspects of undergrad. Expect a lot from the other applicants! We all got an interview for a reason, we were plucked from the pool of applicants for the school to get to know us a bit more. I was majorly impressed with the other applicants on interview day, some recently finished their masters/PhDs and are applying, some have years of veterinary experience, some had outstanding GPA/GRE scores; some have more than one of the above! Just realize you are going through the same thing right now and support one another!

We were separated into two groups; while group 1 began interviews, group 2 went on a tour to the most commonly used areas of the school (i.e. library, gym, etc.). After both groups were doing interviewing we got a large scale tour of the facilities.

The interview was with two faculty members and they asked questions regarding my ethics, case scenarios, teamwork capabilities, etc. They did not have access to my application other than my experiences and VMCAS questions. The interview lasted about half an hour with questions for me to ask at the end.

Prior to the grand tour we all went to the cafeteria for lunch, the dean, faculty and student ambassadors attended lunch with us; continued to answer any and all questions!

Overall, this was an amazing first interview experience; I’m excited for the others. I felt well prepared for my interview but still nervous! The admissions staff were very kind and answered questions in regards to waitlist and when we should expect to hear back in regards to acceptance, etc.

Until then,

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