The Day Before

I never expected to be writing so soon after my last blog, especially the day before my interview. However, I had so much get in the way of my preparations, even before it was noon!

I planned today to be finishing touches like beauty preparation, removing body piercings, deciding how to do my hair, and going over more interview questions with people.

I get ready to start my day by feeding my pets, however I didn’t wash their bowls from the night before; so that’s the very first thing I go to do.

Much to my surprise, my water wasn’t working.

I put in a maintenance request hoping to get that fixed very soon, you know so I can shower and smell good the day of my interview! Time rolls around and no one is here yet, I call the office several times only to get voicemail. By the time I reach them to send maintenance up, it’s time for my beautification appointment.

Maintenance comes to check out the water and videos I took, they explained the apartment had some valve replacement fixing stuff they had to do this morning and to let my water run for a few minutes. WHALA! It’s fixed! No more weird nonsense with my water. Time to get in my car right?


My car battery is 100% completely dead, no one in the complex has cables to jump it! Yes I know, I should probably start carrying some. I had to cancel my appointment while calling around and figuring out what to do!

I was lucky enough for AAA to come and fix my car (they installed a new battery and made sure everything was running smoothly)… who knew a car battery needed to be checked?

I was thankfully, and finally, able to get everything situated prior to my interview tomorrow morning; was grateful to have appointments with amazing people willing to squeeze me in that day!

Time to try and get some sleep before the big day!! Wish me luck!

Until then,

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