Veterinary School – Interview Preparation

A gradual constant nausea caused by the butterflies’ insane flapping in my stomach.

This basically sums up how I’m feeling now that I’m almost at my interview date, it was pushed up; is the reason behind my intense preparation. Needless to say, I’ll be drinking quite a bit of hot tea over the next few days.

I’ve consulted who knows how many previous applicants, current vet students, and recently graduated veterinarians; it still didn’t prepare me for the search for an appropriate interview attire. I was avised to wear a pant suit, preferably black, with nice and comfortable dress shoes (no heels due to the amount of walking that will be done throughout the day). If you’re short, I recommend going shopping the moment you get your interview invitation because it was definitely a journey to find something that fit!

Interview questions are available all throughout the internet, I primarily used and an amazing forum SDN ( In SDN you can browse in the pre-veterinary forum and see applicant advice from previous cycles along with their stats. It’s a very useful tool when preparing for vet school and the application process, there are current vet students, veterinarians and other pre-vet students; so, finding someone in the same shoes as you isn’t too hard!

A breakfast the day of will be the most important! I should make sure my brain has all it needs to think quickly with whatever hard balls they throw at me! I’ve read plenty of interview questions to know that there are a few hypothetical ethical ones that they tend to present along with the basic “Why do you want to be a vet?”, “How do you plan to handle the stress/finances of vet school?”, “Give an example of a time . . .” According to some applicants the behavioral questions did jumble their nerves a bit.

While thinking about answers while reading practice questions is one thing, it is a completely different thing to have someone perform a mock interview with you! Get a friend or family member to help you by asking you a few random questions and you answering as if in a vet school interview, at the end discuss your answers with the person and what you could improve on. Some schools may offer this with a professional, if so I would definitely encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity!

I was told at the end, if there is enough time, interviewers will ask if you have any questions for THEM. If so, it is better to have some prepared than to not have any at all.

These next few days I will be continuing my intense preparation alongside trying to maintain caught up on my organic chemistry homework (in other news I got an A on my first test!! Woot woot!!)

Until then,

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