Veterinary School – Interview Invitation

I woke up this morning, like any other morning. I took care of my pets, prepared myself for the day ahead of me; settled down to enjoy some Netflix before having to go into work.

I’ve had a habit of compulsively checking my email and portals several times a day for the past week.  It wasn’t until this morning that this compulsiveness paid off! I received my first invitation to interview at a vet school! Of course, the first thing I did (after spending a few minutes crying) was contact friends and family to share the amazing news.

I didn’t even receive an email for this particular invitation; had coincidentally checked my portal directly. Make sure you check both! Don’t rely heavily on one or the other as you may not get the notification where expected. It also gave me the option to choose an available scheduled spot based on my availability (which is majorly refreshing, I was expecting to be given a date & time). I chose the soonest available time, coincidentally I know someone who has an interview at that time as well; I’m sure it’ll lessen my anxiety to know someone else going through this process.

Now, before anyone freaks out about not receiving an invitation…. I was advised by several 1st year vet students that it can take anywhere from submission date until ~ March 1st before you are sent invitations, so if it doesn’t happen quickly that doesn’t mean you aren’t being considered! It just means there are quite a few applications they must filter through prior to sending out those invitations.

I did have to remind myself hold my horses and that this doesn’t guarantee I’m in. Another 1st year vet student advised that it’s okay to not be accepted the first time around, it’ll give me a chance to ask the interviewers their opinions regarding my application and time to strengthen it. However, an interview means they like you enough to be considering you; this gives them a chance to get to know you a little better!

Nonetheless, I’m ecstatic to have conquered the first hurdle! Even if I don’t get in this cycle, I’m still excited to be given the opportunity to see firsthand what this experience is like; maybe become better prepared for the next application cycle. I will admit I’m most excited to meet my potential dean, professors, and peers, along with touring the beautiful campus I may soon call ‘home’.

Speaking with a recent vet school graduate she informed me the interview length itself varies from 20 minutes to several hours, depending on the school itself. One of her interviews she could pick 3 rotations in which she shadowed the students and was able to ask them questions regarding the program, school, courses, etc. The school instructed me to expect several hours to be set aside for this process, so I’m assuming it’ll be more like the other interview she explained to me.

Over the next few weeks I’ll definitely share the ways I plan on preparing for my interview, what I plan on wearing, and any other general insights I have after the interview is completed! While these past few days I’ve been able to have exciting news and tips to share daily, I have a feeling my next few blogs may be more sporadic until after the interview!

Until then,

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